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If you are looking for a quick snack that you will make with less effort then here you ave it. The onion and cheese bread is tasty and very easy to prepare. all you have to do is get the following ingredients and make your own snack as directed by chef Fauzia.

Ingredients :

1 loaf of sliced bread
100g matured cheddar cheese sliced
100g mozzarella cheese sliced
1 bunch spring onions chopped
1/4 cup melted butter
Chopped corriander
1 clove garlic chopped finely


1. Place the bread slices into a bread tin. And cut into the middle.
2. Tuck the cheese slices into the pockets.
3. Mix the garlic, corriander, spring onions and the melted butter.
4. Pour over the bread.
5. Bake the bread for 15 mins at 180C.
6. Remove the bread from the tin and serve hot.



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In most parts of Mbembani, Machakos county, getting clean water is always not easy. The residents in these areas have to walk miles to get water which is not clean enough. They use their carts which are pulled by bulls to travel this distances. They claim that the water was only safe for their household use but not for human consumption unless treated.












We at DPL Festive saw the gap and decide to help the people of this great community get clean water. We have drilled the second solar-powered borehole at Mbembani Central to ease the distances the people of Mbembani have to walk to get water. This will help reduce risks of waterborne diseases


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Mother Teresa once said that “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” The people of Nguluni never had a clean source of water and we felt the need to provide a solution that’s easy to operate and maintain. The smiles on their faces spoke so much of the gratitude they  had. We installed the very first solar power water borehole at Kithuani School, Nguluni. For a long time they’ve had water shortage and the little that’s available was not clean enough for human consumption. We hope to touch more lives in the society through our CSR activities.


Water is consumed daily by most everyone either orally or through the skin by showering/bathing, swimming, etc. Clean water is an essential nutrient, the basis of fluids of all living organisms, and absolutely necessary to sustain life. When we talk about achieving optimum health, consuming clean water should be at the top of the “most important” list. It has been said that water is the world’s best beauty elixir! With that type of statement, who wouldn’t want clean water! The people on Nguluni can now enjoy clean water from the solar powered borehole.



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It is good for young minds to be exposed to environments they do not visit everyday. We were privileged to be visited by students from Aga Khan Academy in Nairobi. img-20161014-wa0003

These young minds are eager to learn and we were glad to take them through the factory to see the process by which bread is made.



Their bright faces are the promises of a bright future ahead of them.


They seemed to be fascinated by the baking process at festive and the state of the art equipment to bake.


We are always happy to support students to achieve whatever they want in life.




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Many parents are usually happy when schools open since they don’t have children running around the house. Well, the holidays are one thing you can’t escape and you have to face it anyway especially when your children are in boarding school or even in day schools. Life is always peaceful since you don’t have to worry about them running around hurting each other and causing some ‘serious’ damage to anything and everything.


The excitement they usually have during the holidays is that of a person who’s won the lotery. Being able to meet their friends and play as much as they want without the school bell ringing. Being able to wake up without the alarm going off at 4.30 a.m. in the morning. Being able to eat an unlimited amount of food at any time of the day without having to make a line for it. Being able to take a warm shower.Being able to sleep in a room all alone.  I mean, who doesn’t find this as relieving?!


As parents do we plan our Children’s holidays or do we make them “normal”? The “normal” holiday is the kind of holiday where they get home, put their books aside and have whatever they want as they put their favorite cartoon on repeat the whole day. Or you send them to play with their friends just so they won’t dirtify your house. Yes, it’s possible to plan the holiday for your children. This is to keep them active and creative at the same time.


You have to involve them in the planning so that it is not “your holiday” as they would put it. There are many activities you could do with the children such as gardening, cooking, studying, watching and even playing! This gives you the chance to learn their behaviour patterns, hobbies, likes and dislikes and even their experiences in school.


Go to the library with your child. Go to your work place with them and let them learn a thing or two about what you do. Go shopping with you child be it at the supermarket or the grocery store and let them learn to make responsible choices.


Make your child’s holiday fun, exciting and educatonal


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Anand Marga means ‘TAKING THE PATH OF REJOICING.’ This is a school that consists of nursery, primary and Secondary school all in one compound. Interesting, right? But look at it this way, it gives motivation to the young ones in that they aim to get to the top class i.e. Form 4 and even further


Despite the fact that they are all together in one space, there is so much order, love and togetherness.



They share the resources they have because they have gotten to learn the spirit of togetherness. So each time we visit these children all that welcomes us are smiles especially form the little ones.

Lesson time is serious time and the elder students take that very seriously after all we are brought up knowing that “EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.”





They eagerly wait for their mealtime which they happily term as “CELEBRATION TIME.” This is the time you get to fill your stomach after mixing a few chemicals in the laboratory or after singing nursery rhymes the whole day. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cup or a plate as long as you get to eat.




We provide these children with bread every Monday to Friday but this particular day we decided to spend time and celebrate with them being that Easter is just around the corner. Happy Easter to you all!





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The look in their faces speaks volumes and the agony in their eyes can tell of a not so easy and pleasant

life. They wish they had a place to call home but all this is just not possible. Some are young, some are

old. Their slogan is ‘SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST.’


They have high spirits and are cheerful always. They have accepted the life they have now and wish for

more but who will speak for them? Who will fight for them? They have a lot to tell since they have seen

it all (some from a very young age)


They are hopeful for a better tomorrow each day. A smile in their faces is all that you could wish to see.

We call them ‘chokoraas’ while others call them ‘street children.’


Do we ever stop to think that they are human too and that they need the same care we do? Many of us

pass them in the street everyday and never care to know the challenges they go through. Have you ever

taken a minute just to have a conversation with them? Brilliant they are, hardened and taught by life



All they can do is pray that tomorrow will be better and will come with its own blessings.


DPL Festive assists them with daily bread so they can find the strength to face each day. At our bakeries we seek to feed the whole nation and not just a certain class of people in our beloved society.‘

A helping hand never lacks’


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“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” 
Mahatma Gandhi


If you are honest for a moment, you would recall your days in school when all you longed for was for the lunch bell to go off. Probably your guardian had already fed you with heavy breakfast and maybe packed some snack for you but still the hunger would grip you especially if you were in the middle of a mathematics or science lesson. Concentrating can be difficult when your stomach is “grumbling for its right”




That may not be the case for countless other kids out there, where a single meal, not even the three recommended meals are guaranteed. It’s hard enough to be on an empty stomach and it’s even harder when you have to read and focus on your studies while feeling hungry. Festive bread saw this gap and sort to play a part in enriching the lives of young pupils by feeding them and ensuring their well-being hence helping them to focus on their studies. Through a partnership with Shree Jalaram Satsang Mandal Mosque, Festive Bread provides enough loaves of bread to feed approximately 3,000 students in the following schools – Oasis Primary School, Kihumbini Primary school and Anad Marge School every day from Monday to Friday. All these schools are based in Kangemi.








This initiative has been going on for the last 16 years and that is as long as the partnership between DPL Festive Bread and Jay Shree Mosque has existed. Festive continues to play it’s part and is hopeful to make a difference in the lives of many more individuals and put more smiles on their faces.






DPL Festive Bread also supports an initiative by the mosque that focuses on giving out wheel chairs to the disabled people in Kenya. This support is given financially and ensures as many disabled people are given wheel chairs as possible.

A single act of kindness goes a long way and it breeds a culture of giving in our beloved society.


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